Pharmacy Services And Prescriptions

Our Services (NHS Funded)

Medicines use review (MUR) service

The MUR service is an free NHS service, consisting of a structured review that is undertaken by a pharmacist to help patients to manage their medicines more effectively. The review helps patients to:

  • Understand their therapy
  • Identify any problems or side effects that they may be experiencing
  • Find possible solutions to any problems

The MUR involves the pharmacist reviewing the patient’s use of their medication in a face to face consultation, ensuring they understand how their medicines should be used and why they have been prescribed, identifying any problems and then, where necessary, providing feedback to the prescriber. An MUR Feedback Form will be provided to the patient’s GP where there is an issue for them to consider. An MUR is not usually conducted more than once a year.

Many of our patients benefit from using our in-check device for inhaler techniques, which is also carried out in an MUR for patients using inhalers as part of their treatment and care.

New medicine service (NMS)

If you’re prescribed a medicine to treat a long-term condition (asthma, COPD, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes) for the first time, you can get extra help and advice about your medicine from speaking to our pharmacist through a free scheme called the New Medicine Service (NMS).People often have problems when they start a new medicine. As part of the scheme, the pharmacist will support you over several weeks to use the medicine safely and to best effect. The service is only available to people using certain medicines. In some cases where there’s a problem and a solution can’t be found between you and the pharmacist, you’ll be referred back to your doctor.

Prescription ordering and collection through Electronic Prescription Service

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) can save you time by having your GP send your prescriptions electronically (safely and securely) to CE Harrod Pharmacy (if you nominate this pharmacy to be your preference). This means you’ll no longer have to collect a paper repeat prescription from your GP practice – instead, you can go straight to CE Harrod Pharmacy to pick up your prescription when they are ready. If you give us permission, we will even notify you by text or call you when they are ready to collect, so you don’t have to wait.

For more detailed information, watch What is EPS? on the EPS YouTube channel.

Nominating CE Harrod Pharmacy on EPS:

You can nominate CE Harrod Pharmacy to receive your prescriptions and dispense them in 2 ways:

1. Ask your GP to record CE Harrod Pharmacy on EPS to be your nominated pharmacy
2. Download the attached form, sign it and bring it into the pharmacy and we can set up the nomination for you.

For Repeat Prescriptions:

You may be able to order or cancel your repeat prescriptions online if your GP practice offers a GP online service). Check with your GP practice to find out how you can register for an account.

In the future, EPS will become the default option for the prescribing, dispensing and reimbursement of prescriptions in primary care in England. Until then, on some occasions, you may not be able to use EPS, in which case, CE Harrod Pharmacy have a prescription collection service from GP surgeries that are in SW6, contact us for more information.

Prescription Delivery Service

CE Harrod Pharmacy offers a FREE Prescription delivery service to to house-bound patients living in SW6 and to customers living in SW6 spending more than £30 on our e-store. Ask in-store for more information.

Seasonal flu vaccination service (at risk groups)

Flu vaccination is available every year on the NHS to help protect adults and children at risk of flu and its complications. Flu can be unpleasant, but if you are otherwise healthy it will usually clear up on its own within a week. CE Harrod Pharmacy provides free flu vaccines as part of the NHS service to; adults 65 and over, people with certain medical conditions (including children in at-risk groups from 6 months of age), pregnant women, Speak to the pharmacy team for more details.

Hpylori ‘breath test’

If you’re suffering from symptoms of repeated indigestion (recurring dyspepsia), your doctor may refer you for a H-pylori ‘breath test’. This is a free NHS service which can allow us to establish whether or not you may be suffering from an infection of Helicobacter Pylori which may be the reason for your symptoms of dyspepsia. For further details on the service or to book for a test at CE Harrod Pharmacy, please contact the pharmacy team.

Inhaler technique service

Using the right inhaler technique helps you breathe the medicine straight into your lungs, where it’s needed. You’re less likely to get side effects, because not much of the medicine is absorbed into the rest of your body, and you’re giving yourself the best chance of managing your symptoms. The pharmacy team can help you with the right technique to get the best out of your inhaler. This also forms part of a Medicines Use Review and New Medicines Review services provided by CE Harrod Pharmacy.

Private consultation room, appointment booking for consultations not required. Multilingual staff for your convenience (Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Hindi)

Pharmacy Service (Non-NHS)

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Emergency contraception
  • Seasonal flu vaccination service (not at risk groups)
  • Stop smoking service ( see the NHS apps library for apps that can help you kick the habit
  • Anti-Malarial medicine advice and service